Endless swamp


I started converting my Commencal Supreme DH bike to electric bike. Here is my shopping list:

  • Rear hub motor
    • Originally was looking for a Mxus motor
    • What is the wattage required for being able to climb hills without overheating the motor?
    • Mxus
    • Hall sensor for avoiding over-heating
    • geared or directdrive => climbing if wattage
  • Controller
    • 12FET or 18FET = how does count of  transistors affect the behaviour? Smoother sine wave? higher voltage
    • Sensored or sensorless?
    • Adaptto, Infineon, Castle Creations Talon HV120
  • throttle
    • with speed?
  • Battery pack
    • Bought a 36V
    • Luna cycles 11,5Ah?
    • cells
      • 18650 (18mm diameter, 65mm long)
      • Panasonic 20700’s
      • Tesla 2170(0)
      • Sanyo NCR20700A
  • Battery charger
    • 36V-48V 2A
    • Powerlab
  • hydraulic brake killswitch