Review: Reelight City Supreme


Living in Finland half of the year is dark and gloomy. Some kind of lighting solution is thus paramount to staying safe while cycling. In the town there is sufficient light to see where you are going so you just need to stay visible. I have had plenty of different lights over the years and they always fail sooner or later. What I hate most is having to change the batteries all the time and I was really happy to find Reelight‘s offerings.

  • No batteries or dynamo needed
  • Fairly expensive and all models were not available locally
  • Light is not all that bright
  • Combo-pack includes both rear and front light
  • Fitting with fenders and lock is a problem

I decided to buy the City Supreme Reepower kit for my son’s bike so I don’t need to worry about him forgetting to turn on the lights. The lights were easy to mount and have stayed sturdily in their place despite hitting the trails multiple times. So all in all the lights have served our family well and I can recommend them. There is lot of promise in the self-powering technologies.


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