DIY: Bike wall rack

20170712_165427.jpgStorage space is always a scarce commodity. I decided to build a wall rack I can hang my vintage steel bike on. Basically the construction consists of two 30cm long table legs mounted with screws on a brick wall. It is nothing fancy, but I’m quite happy with the sturdiness and end-result in general. I already have some pipe insulation as padding, but I might still wrap some tape or cloth on top to pretty it up.

I picked up the supplies from local Bauhaus for under 25 euros:

  • Pipe insulation (product 60052324 putkieriste) 3,90€
  • 2 x steel table legs (product 10340250 teräsputkijalka) 7€
  • 8 x screws
  • 8 x wall plugs

Biggest job was drilling 8 holes on the wall, but I managed with my old handheld drill.




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