Hockey and cycling

new york rangers
I picked up ice hockey again year ago and it is such an amazing fast-paced sport. The 1,5 hours in the ring really flies by and you are absolutely drenched in sweat afterwards. The next few days your thighs are burning and you sure know you have really worked out. Now from cycling point of view hockey makes lot of sense as it is a great lower body workout and improves your balance.

The only downside with hockey is that it is nothing like the kind of the low intensity training I was prescribed. I tend to eat too much recovering and get cranky due to poor hydration. In addition there is the significant chance of getting hurt as well. Next year I will need to figure out some sort of recovery training. This winter I tried going to the gym couple of times, but I guess I would just need to sign-up to really keep motivated.

The fact is during the dark months of winter I can’t be bothered with cycling. As the weather gets colder riding with cold feet on the road is really not for me. On the rollers I can only do HIIT and cyclocross is really not good for recovery either. Weekends when I would otherwise have time for long low-intensity MTB sessions I tend to be tied with son’s hockey practice. Hopefully next year I get to play with him more – that would be great recovery and whole lot of fun.


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