Carbon wheels from China

img_0113I have been riding alloy wheels on my chinese carbon fiber bikes. Many others started their venture into chinese carbon fiber via wheels instead. Now that I moved to a titanium frame I thought it would time to check out what wheels are available. While hand-built option is tempting at least the following vendors offer ready made wheels:

In the past I have steered away from vendors on auction and chinese e-commerce sites. Having had good experiences with cheaper seat post purchases this time I went ahead took a gamble on a pair of wheels from a lesser known vendor. Time will tell whether this decision proves smart or one of the poorer ones.

My specs for the wheelset:

  • Novatec D411SB/D412SB disc hubs
  • 55mm rear, 45mm front clincher rims
  • spoke count 24 front, 28 rear
  • U-shape rim with minimum inner width of 17mm
  • No outer spoke holes (just internal nipple hole)
  • no brake track

Apparently hookless and asymmetric rims are more common in 29″ MTB rims so while they sounded like a great idea it didn’t become a requirement. I would have like to have wider inner width, but I think those will only be available next year. These wheels are meant mainly for the road, but I think I will put on 28mm tyres like i did last year. That is if the wheels arrive eventually and I dare to ride them.



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