Plans for 2017

TdH preli 011So 2016 was more or less the same than the years before. For 2017 I thought I would mix things up a little bit.

So to keep up there has to be plenty of off-season training in the spring and start on the road early. In addition I will try to ride plenty on the track (incl. Velorution) and fixed-gear crit (Hellsinki crit cup).

Something has to be left for later years:

As far Vättern Rundan goes I will just try to stay clear of 4th time to avoid the need to go 5th also.


2 thoughts on “Plans for 2017

  1. Returning to the subject of moulds for replica Chinarello frames; the F10 order was released from Pinarello on the 20th January 2017. Roughly 3 weeks later the F10 replica could also be ordered from Aliexpress!!!!!….The moulds for the different size frames , in my opinion , must be original.

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