Scare of my life

sumu-004I have this platform so I thought I would share something I have found affects lot of folks in the reader demographic. Big C, cancer, is the dreaded disease that affects us MAMILs here and abroad. Realizing your life can be cut short is the worst feeling in the world, but it is also an eye opener. All I can say is it is worth enjoying every day of your life and not postpone doing those epic rides you’ve been planning on. At the same time it is movember again and now would be a great time to go get yourself PSA baseline tested.

I have had asthma for the best part of my adult years. Also reflux disease ie. gastric acid going up my throat has been an issue for a long time. I have also had trouble eating some acidic foods without gagging. Apparently strenuous exercise bent over in a tucked cycling position really isn’t helping. It finally got to a point where I decided it was time to go to a doctor. I have mentioned the heart burn issues before, but now I got sent to gastroscopy, neck ultrasound and even laryngoscopy. Nothing hopefully is malignant, but next checkup on the lumps found is scheduled in 6 months.


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