NBD: Pickenflick custom build


I finally got the new bike in riding condition and baptized it in mud . There are still some issues with seat post slipping, squealing rear brake and I need to tune the front derailleur. Other than that the bike is a joy to ride and I’m looking forward to riding lot of cyclocross and even on the road with this baby. I reckon this could finally be the “father-to-son” bike that outlives me.

  • On-One Pickenflick titanium frame, carbon fork
  • TRP Spyre rear brake, TRP Hy/rd front brake
  • Sram Force 10-speed drivetrain
  • Rotor 3d+ crankset with p2m and 50/36 rotor chainrings
  • WTB Nano 40mm tyres
  • Sram mth 506 hubs, Mavic 321 rims
  • Jagwire Road Pro cables and inline adjuster for front mech
  • chinese VCLS-style seatpost
  • chinese carbon/alloy stem 100mm
  • Commencal saddle
  • CX handle for rear brake

Only upgrades I’m thinking about are carbon fiber aero wheels for the summer and switching the current wheelset to tubeless setup.


2 thoughts on “NBD: Pickenflick custom build

  1. Very nice Raino ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tempted myself to go that route, ideal all rounder !!
    Do you find the tyres hard work on the road ? I always hated riding my MTB on the road

    Cheers Russ

  2. Thanks,
    The tyres themselves aren’t awfully sticky, but the wheelset is fairly heavy. I would expect riding this setup over 60km on the road would not be too much fun. 28″ rolls pretty well though so overall it is much better than riding 26″ or even 27,5″ MTB with bubble tyres on the road. Anyways for me it is a great excuse to get another wheelset for the summer ๐Ÿ™‚

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