Rotor 3D+ on Pickenflick


pickenflick-005 Before I purchased the On-One Pickenflick one of the numerous questions I asked the Planet-x customer representative was whether my old Rotor 3d+ crankset would fit. The answer from their “technical team” was that it was going to be a no go. On the forums there have been some talk of revisions to the frame geometry and I really would like to use the power meter chainset so I thought I would give it a try.

pickenflick-004Bottom bracket shell on the Pickenflick is 68mm just like my previous RT-90 had. As you can see in the picture theonly  challenge could lie in fitting the chainrings around the chainstays. Unless the chainstays flex awfully lot it should not really become a problem if you use a fairly small chainring (eg. 34t) or single narrow-wide chainring setup in the outer position.

The only lesson from this exercise is that the crank fits fine and Planet-x staff do not know what they are talking about.


2 thoughts on “Rotor 3D+ on Pickenflick

  1. Hello,
    Bought a Pickenflick frame recently and planning to build with a Rival 1 crankset. Do you recon it will take a 46t chainring?

    I have just sent an email to PX (1x builds they only offer 42t) Customer Service, but I trust you more than them.

    Best regards from Buenos Aires – Eric

  2. Hi,
    Judging from the picture with 34/50t I would recon 46t is going to be tight. The rear end is going to flex so you might run into issues. It really depends on the single-speed chainset’s chainline. With a road crankset you would have the option of going on the outside chainring position. To be honest there is really no sure way of knowing if you don’t try and I understand On-One’s hesitance to give any guidance. If you end up going for it let me (and others) know how it goes.

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