Garmin, Strava and iPad

About 6 months ago I decided I don’t need a PC at home anymore. I bought an iPad Pro and I have been very happy with it this far. However one of the challenges that arose was that I had to find a way to upload activities from my Garmin 500 GPS tracker to Strava social network. Unfortunately the iPad has very limited USB support so you can’t just stick in a cable and access files directly from the Garmin. One of my post-ride rituals is to check up on the results. I had to find a solution as I did not want to wait for the next day and upload in the office.


What I ended up doing is hooking the Garmin to my NAS drive’s USB port. I access the files using FileExplorer Free app as LaCie’s own app never worked for me. Unfortunately the free FileExplorer does not map right into Safari so I have to move the .fit files to Apple’s iCloud Drive service first. I know this is bit of a bodge, but it has worked for me so far and I can just leave the Garmin loading on the USB cable. So there is some life left to my trusty old 500.

Eventually I guess I will be moving to a more intelligent device that uploads the files either via tethering or through direct wi-fi connection as I get home. The Garmin products seem to have stagnated so I will be surely looking into other alternatives as well. Especially Wahoo Elemnt looks promising as it has integration with Strava segments. I also need to re-evaluate how well smartphone apps would work and do they drain the battery. I would just need something like the Viiiiva heart rate monitor that acts as bluetooth bridge for ant+ devices.


6 thoughts on “Garmin, Strava and iPad

  1. The only limitation is that I haven’t been able to set my heart rate zones on Garmin Connect without a PC. I hope there was a file you could create on the web site and just side load to the Garmin.

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