Cranking it up

sipoo 005

This year the spring turned to summer early. It is good news as I have been running late on my training schedule. Now I’ve managed to do plenty of gravel riding on dry roads taking some exciting short cuts through national parks in Sipoo and Nuuksio. I forgot to install the inline adjusters to the front mech so I’ve been doing the riding mostly on the small ring. Previous seasons it has forced me from winter mashing to proper pedaling technique. The higher cadence seems to be working great as I’ve been smashing some personal records.

sipoo 010

The bad news is that my 5-year old Sram Force cranks gave up. The metal pedal insert has started moving inside the drive-side carbon crank and the pedal wobbles as I pedal. Apparently this kind of thing is known to happen with Sram crabon cranks. The customer service from finnish importer was courteous, but the chainset is out of warranty. Now I have to figure out where to get new cranks or alternative bike for the Giro d’Espoo sportive later this week. kammet 002


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