New track bike

Track 003

Last autumn I sold my Cinelli Mash and replaced it with second hand Planet-X Carbon track. Originally I was thinking I would buy a new track model direct from China. On closer inspection the frame had a fairly high bottom bracket and I’m afraid of crank hitting the banked velodrome. We will see how moving from aluminium frame to a carbon one is going to change things up. I’m just going to recycle the parts from the Mash so it should be fairly easy to compare.

  • Cinelli Pista stem
  • Cinelli Pista drop bar
  • Omnium cranks 172,5mm
  • Halo Fix-G rear wheel
  • Shimano SPL-SL
  • Fizik Arione saddle

projekti 009.jpg

I’m yet to test ride it, but I hope it is going to be lighting fast. At least it looks the part. I might still buy a new fork so I can install a front brake. Maybe I will also buy a new front wheel since quick release scewers aren’t allowed on the track and I would benefit from a lighter aero wheelset anyhow.


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