Plans for 2016

Bergö, sommaröarna

It is new year again and this year I will become officially old. I will be turning 40 and become eligible for senior sports. The good thing about cycling is that you regularly see old geezers still managing to keep up with the bunch, show panache and even fight for the win. So there is still hope and I have no intention of giving up on my ever broadening plan of becoming a real cyclist one day. For this season I’m looking forward to overcoming strenuous physical challenges on newly built bikes.


At the end of the last season I pretty much divested all the good bikes in my stable. January is supposed to be free of new bike-related purchases, but after that I will be sure to go on a shopping spree. I still need to be wary of my budget as I’m not quite sure how much money finishing the renovations will end up requiring. Still there are new bikes for road and CX on the shopping list. A second-hand carbon fiber track bike frame I already bought myself as an early Xmas present.

As far as riding goes I think I will continue on the same path as last year. Early part of the season I will be preparing for riding my third Vättern Rundan by riding 1000km and the Giro d’Espoo sportive. After the trip to Sweden I will be riding shorter harder training rides, especially doing some track heats on the Helsinki outdoor velodrome. I really enjoyed riding around Lake Lohja last year so couple of longer road rides. The  season would really be crowned by riding from cottage in Karstula to see the Annala bridge in Kauhava.


2 thoughts on “Plans for 2016

  1. As you can see from the pics I’m constantly drawn to shores. There is a real danger that fishing and boats can start interfering with my cycling life. Any ideas how to curb these dangerous cravings?

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