Season 2015

maisema 001

During the last few weeks I haven’t been riding much. Earlier I did some MTBing in the forests close by, but lately it has just been too dark and gloomy. Yesterday we got the first snow so I guess the season 2015 can now be wrapped up.  I was aiming to do whole lot of things, but the biggest goal was to enjoy and challenge myself. I think I did well.

Quite frankly I wasn’t expecting much from this season. There was going to be just too much to do and digest. Still cycling was a great stress reliever. I did bunch of gravel rides and found several new routes to mix up things. I rode some longer rides (eg. Lake Lohja and Vihti) and experienced many exhilarating and beautiful moments on the saddle.

I did ride my second Vättern Rundan and managed a fantastic time. Much of the success was due to basic training carrying over from 2014. I did also start MTBing already during the winter and had ridden the 1000k required by the time it was to time to travel to Sweden. The trip was once again a great immersion in cycling culture and it was fun to meet new and old faces.

I have been dreaming of racing and I got a glimpse of that. I had trained on the velodrome and dared to take part in an amateur track competition. It turned out lot of fun and I think I’m hooked.  I even went to see both national championships and I must say track cycling is way more viewer friendly that road cycling can ever be.

While I never did an over-nighter or managed to ride to my birth town I can be very happy with this year. I did not hurt myself and lot of wonderful memories are ingrained in my brain. One of the best was my son returning from a seven kilometer ride smiling.



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