Plenty to do

Sommar öarna

This autumn I will be taking it easy cycling wise. I will have my hands full with the plumbing renovation and new client at work. To be make my life simpler I made a decision to skip TdH and other sportives. The only bit of cycling will be commuting on the days I don’t have to take the kid to pre-school.  The only question is what bike can I use for the 60k round trip.

The Fm015 and Tunturi vintage racer were both on the market and are now both reserved for a buyer. I already sold my Cinelli Mash track frame and TacX rollers. If I can get through September and October I should be fine. Last winter I did not manage to ride all that much before the beginning of February anaway.  The idea was to buy new carbon fiber disc brake frame and carbon fiber track frame if I have any money left when the renovation is over.

I would not like to stop cycling all together.  The fall is going to be long and dark again. Even though we will be living next to the sea we might take a vacation to get away from it all. My preferred destination would be Gran Canaria or Tenerife. There should be bike rentals available and cycling is supposed to be great all year around.



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