Taking it slow


Riding the long route home from Sääksjärvi beach

I’ve been on holiday and mainly spent my days fishing or playing soccer with my son. It has already been couple of weeks since I have done any serious riding or any other sports for that matter. It starts to be time to get back in action again. The goal of the summer was to do some adventure type rides, but this far I haven’t gotten around to doing anything of that sort. The ill-fated gravel grinding segments were fun, but do not really count. I want to go on a proper bike expedition with camping gear. On other news I took part in an amateur track riding competition at the local velodrome. Even though I couldn’t attend for the whole day the Velorution event was a blast and couldn’t recommend it more. Trying new things is always worth the effort. There is still plenty of summer left so let’s see what kind of surprises there are in store for us. I have been meaning to go ride some downhill at Porvoo or Klaukkala and maybe I will finally ride around Lake Lohja or do the 7 brothers route.


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