Season so far



In Finland the spring time, especially May, tends to be the best time to ride a road bike. Plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures (15-20C) are the perfect conditions for cycling. This time the spring has however been unconditionally cold and windy. Luckily there have been some clear days and I have still managed to get a reasonable amount of miles in. Vättern Rundan is getting close and I’m getting bit anxious. I’m trying to avoid riding too often and too long so that I wouldn’t fall ill right before the big event like I did last year. The longest ride this far is 113km, but I’m pretty confident I should be able to finish. I haven’t really actively trained my body for utilizing body fat instead of carbs. I have some other tricks up my sleeve.

  • To cope with the cold feet I’m going to be using chemical toe warmers
  • Actively drinking and eating during the first 100km to avoid bonking
  • Buying a bigger battery to keep the Garmin charged through the whole ride

I hope these should help me avoid meeting the man with the hammer. If all else fails I will just keep grinding and try to pass the time playing with my new video gadget. There will be a beer waiting at the end after all.


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