Something done right

lenkillä 003

After the first three rides of the season it seems I have done something right during the winter. I did gain some weight, but riding on the road everything feels great. It seems I’m in a fairly good condition and most importantly  performance just has not dropped as drastically as it did over the previous off-seasons. There are probably some good explanations for the way things panned out.

I never ended up running to work, but I kept commuting daily through the winter. I did some short runs before Christmas and some excellent weekend single-track rides on the snowy trails. Also I had ended the season late in Italy and now I  have been able to start quite early. My asthma feels better as the roads have been cleaned up early. I may have also been in much better shape to start with. So it seems it was combination of things that did the trick.

Of course the great feeling may also just be the difference between a steel frame and carbon. Now we have had some bad weather (snow, sleet, rain – your pick) and I have missed some opportunities due to a flu. So I’m little unsure about my current shape after a two week hiatus from riding. I will also be very busy at work, renovating the new flat and there is a trip coming up next week so I really need put some miles in whenever the weather is warm and sunny like today.

If I just manage to find the time to it shouldn’t take too long to get back into shape. I’m starting to feel the pressure of VätternRundan already. Riding the 1000km recommended before mid-June is going to be tough.


6 thoughts on “Something done right

  1. I hear ya buddy, I face the same issues, trying to keep fit over the winter, stave off the colds and flu ALL while losing the battle to aging! lol.

    It’s an uphill battle that can never be truly won, though we hope we’re doing soe good for ourselves and perhaps others along the way. I look upon it as being Sisyphus-like…yet we keep doing it! I guess it’s a love-hate thing….


  2. It is a love-hate thing for sure. It does feels awful sometimes, but then again suffering a bit is the only way to make the great days like today feel so good. Nice thing about getting older is how much fun it is to deal out punishment to the youngsters (20 somethings). Last Saturday’s 113k was my first real test of the season and it was fun to see I could still keep up with some fairly fit company.

  3. Stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for the interesting read. I just ordered a cheap chinese carbon frame. Wish me luck!

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