Long live the king

commute 003

Considering the amazing off-season sales that went on this spring one could think the golden age of buying cheap chinese carbon direct is long gone. To an extend the notion is true. Players like PlanetX and Canyon did offer great deals this spring. It is very difficult to beat an offer of a complete carbon bike with SRAM Force groupset for 1200€ considering you get a full warranty and support. What you can’t get buying a ready-made bike is the full custom experience.

There is something strangely satisfying in building up a bike yourself. Sometimes you can also recycle parts from an old steed. The second hand market for bike parts works great on the internet. For example if you are willing to stick to 10-speed drive train for few more years there are some excellent bargains to be found. The real question is what the next big thing (electronic shifting, power meter or something else) is you can not ride a bike without and when can you source direct?


3 thoughts on “Long live the king

  1. I would somewhat agree, BUT. What is the weight of those 1200 pound bikes. Also, probably alum rims as well. When you cost out the price per pound, the Chinese carbon bike is still the winner. (Assuming one assembles it themselves)


  2. Well, my point was how things have changed. Couple of years back you would have been stupid not to buy chinese carbon frame as all you could get for the same price was a hefty alloy frame from name brand vendors. You are right in the sense that wheels tend to be place where the vendors make the biggest cost cuttings. Nothing wrong with alloy rims in general though and you can always offload them on auction sites. Also having a sturdy set of training wheels makes your racing set feel like you can fly 🙂

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