Season goals 2015

WP_20141225_002 It has slowly dawned on me 2015 I should not promise too much as far as cycling goes. With the new job and renovations at the apartment building there will be enough of other challenges. The only real goal is to enjoy myself outdoors and challenge myself on some epic adventures.

As far as mileage goes I don’t care, but I have to do 1000km before the trip to Sweden. Anyways I hope I get to ride twice a week and on the track a few times. Regular exercise is a good stress reliever after all. To mix things up some fixed-gear criterium races would be nice. In addition participating in some randonneur type events should be fairly easy to arrange.

  • Porvoo raidoo (weekend before Paris-Roubaix)
  • Karstula-Kauhava-Karstula 200km brevet (July)
  • TdH by Night (beginning of September)

If I have too much time or motivational problems I might throw in another sportive, but no proper road racing for me this year. Originally I had hoped I could push my cycling yet again to another level, but quite frankly most of my plans were quite unrealistic to begin with.

  • Licensed C-category racing
  • Local sportives; Giro d’Espoo (late May), Vuelta Vantaa (July),  300km Myllyn pyöräily (August), Tartu Rattaralli
  • Holiday trip to Scotland for some DH and Bealach Beag/Mor sportive
  • Season kick-off at Roubaix challenge or Ronde van Vlaanderen (late April)
  • L’Eroica Britannia (June?)
  • Climb a mountain; Alpe d’Huez, Zoncolan, Galibier, Tourmalet, Ventoux, Stelvio

If I make it through 2016 alive maybe these could be something I could tackle later. The important thing is we should be able to do some longer rides with my five year old son. Going swimming or camping together with the whole family by bike is going to be awesome. That is really all I really wish for. It is going to be a tough year, but I’m really looking forward to the summer.


4 thoughts on “Season goals 2015

    • Thanks for the warning. What I’ve read is that parts of it near Onkimaanjärvi for example are not all that well marked and the trail can be pretty much non-existant. It might not be all that pretty, but I’m really looking for gravel grinding parts, single track and enjoying a beverage at the Räyskälä village shop. We will see, it would be great to have some kind of bicycle backing route in southern Finland.

    • So far so good at least. I have played floorball with the company team twice now. MTBing on snow paths is something I had never tried before and it is lot of fun. Kid has learnt to ice skate a little bit. So if the work situation does not get too hectic it is going to be an awesome sporting year. Hoping for the best!

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