Season 2014 in recap


Winter seems to have arrived and for the following five months cycling will be pretty much limited to commuting. It is a good time to look back on how the plans worked out this year. Some pretty audicious goals were set for the season and not all of the goals were reached. In the end what mattered the most got done.

Most importantly my son learned how to ride a bike and we had countless fun rides together. Riding without training wheels must have been scary. Just getting going is difficult since you need to get the crank just right to get up to speed quickly. It took a little patience, coercion and coaching, but we got it done and none of the endless enthusiasm of the young padawan was lost.

Compared to the first achievement the rest is just icing on the cake. I rode the 300km Vättern Rundan. The time slipped well over the goal, but the experience was great and I have already signed up for next year. At Tour de Helsinki I did not manage to finish under 4 hours, but I did my best and got reasonably close. As far as total mileage goes I think I managed around 3500km, well above my previous years, but not quite the 5000km I was shooting for.

All in all 2014 was full of progress. With vegetarian lunches and longer rides muscle replaced some of the fat. Managing to hang on in some tough company was a one more step towards becoming a real roadie. I proved to myself I can still improve even if I’m just another middle-aged man in lycra. Most importantly I had fun challenging myself. Coming back from Italy I had a feeling that adventures are not quite yet over.


2 thoughts on “Season 2014 in recap

  1. That’s a good topic for another post 🙂 In all honesty everything is still open. I have enjoyed the way things have worked out so I think I will continue on the same road. I just have to somehow balance work, home and riding life.

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