Tuscany – here I come

L’Eroica vintage sportive is approaching fast. Reading about epic accounts on the event it is slowly dawning on me that I’m in for a real challenge. Originally the idea was to leisurely stroll around some strade bianche, the famous white roads of Chianti. When the event was six months away riding 137km did not sound too far fetched an idea. Apparently hills in Tuscany are brutal and it will be pretty much impossible to draft behind others on gravel. The only thing working for me at the moment is that I got a proper sized bike. My 55cm Tunturi Professional (fabricated by Paletti no less) should be a good fit. Now I just need to get myself and the bike to Gaiole.

Frame By Paletti, full Shimano 600 Arabesque groupset

Frame By Paletti, full Shimano 600 Arabesque groupset

Arranging flights went smooth enough, but how I will get the bike to the airport is still open. Booking a rental car online was easy, but I’m not sure whether my driver’s licence will be accepted in Italy or not. Also I still haven’t booked any accommodation as the original idea was to set up a tent. I’m starting to think carrying a tent and taking it down in the morning would be a hazle so I might just sleep in the car. I don’t know how smart it is to sleep rough the night before such a ride. I thought spending money on a hotel is bit dumb when you don’t get to eat the breakfast anyway. After the event I think I will probaply be pretty knackered and in need of a warm shower.

Getting home might also be bit problematic as I will surely be tired and dirty. They serve local wine on the course and the DIU limit is 0.05%. I doubt I will be drunk when I finally make it to the finish line, but by next noon I will need to drive the 250km dead tired back to Rome airport. I just hope evertyhing works out. Things usually do, but the trip is surely not going to be cheap. Flying Finnair even the bike transit costs an extra 150€ (for 170x100x25 and 20kg box). There is whole lot that still worries me, but it is surely going to be an epic adventure whether I make it Gaiole or not.


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