Spec season kick-off

Uphill slog

With the road cycling season ending in a disappointment this month’s physical exercise has mostly involved playing soccer. Even though we have had some fun rides with the kid it seems the only way to really get excited about cycling again is to start dreaming about a new bike. Good engineer starts with a requirement specification so I’ve tried to gather my thoughts. The way it is now I think only a good set of carbon wheels and a power meter can cure the gloom.

It is fall and the time for the off-road season. I’ve been interested in riding CX for a while so either a stainless steel gravel grinder or chinese carbon frame would be the way to go. I think I will start with a smaller investment though and just repurpose my old hardtail MTB and put some 28″ or 27,5″ wheels on it. I’ve been  looking into getting chinese carbon clinchers with Novatek 882 or DT Swiss 240s hubs that would be compatible with different axle configurations (QR/15mm/20mm). There seems to be quite a few low-quality chinese rims on the market so I have to be careful and stay clear of ebay.

SRAM’s wireless electronic groupset and power meter have both been in my shopping list for a while now. I’ve been following news from Eurobike and Interbike, but it seems SRAM just doesn’t want my money. I think if I want to be serious about making some improvements next season a power meter is a must have. My idea now is that if I bought power meter cranks I could move the current compact SRAM Force cranks to the CX bike and extend the life of the FM015 by another year. If the electronic grouppo comes available I could move the whole gear train to the CX bike.

It is early in the spec season so who knows how this plays out.


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