Back to the golden days

Una poesia scritta con la bicicletta

Wauhtiajot is pretty much the finnish localization of the l’Eroica concept. In August I took part in the 100km option on my pretty vintage Bianchi. The ride tooks us through classic roads around the eastern part of Helsinki metropolitan area. It all started early as we drove behind police escort through the sunny Helsinki centrum. I had some technical trouble and got bit lost on the way, but was caught and herded back to the bunch as the race part started. The route was pretty grueling. In all honesty I was pretty exhausted after grinding on gravel and soldering on in the rain.

After the lunch break the rest of the ride was taken in leasurely pace, but I had some trouble with my italian bottom bracket unthreading itself. All I can say is that I was really happy as bike and I made it in one piece to the finish line. The complimentary beer really tasted great after having to fight for it a little bit. While the arrangements were excellent the best part of the experience was chatting with people along the way. So big thanks to Heikki, Alessio, Jykä aka Inforest, MrVelo and the dude writing the rolling resistance blog.

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On a related note I visited the Cykel vintage bike exhibition while on a holiday trip to Stockholm, Sweden. We always stay at Hotel Skeppsholmen, but it was incredible luck to spot the exhibit at the Moderna Museet’s architecture center. Here are some pictures I took.

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