Getting ready

TdH preli 011
TdH sportive is getting closer and things are getting hectic. It has been quite rainy lately so on Sunday I was supposed to do my final preparation for the event. I have been feeling kind of tired so it was good to get the blood flowing. It turned out to be a good learning experience.

First I had my first ever flat on road tires. I managed to change the tube pretty fast, but I think I my CO2 inflator will be up for grabs. Luckily I got to loan a real pump from a former elite rider. He also gave me some tips as we took off in the same direction. It was really useful to get some tips. Key take-aways were how to cruise down ¬†without drag from freewheel and when to hit the sprint button on the hills. I will be sure to utilize these. We parted ways, but the day wasn’t over. I rode another 40km and a spoke broke in my Ksyrium Elite rear wheel. I managed to limp 30km home, but now the wheel needs to get fixed fast or I need to buy a new one for the event coming up Sunday.

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