Swimming with the sharks

Hepolenkki 004My aim this month is to prepare myself mentally and physically for the TdH sportive taking place at the end of the month. My goal is to ride under four hours or at least give it my best shot. Since first 10km of the 143km distance is equalized reaching the target would require roughly a 37,5km/h for the rest of the ride. It is not impossible, but requires spotting a suitable paced group from the start and hanging on for dear life. Being able play my cards right is going to be crucial. This time I don’t want to waste energy leading the pack for extended periods or getting dropped due to boarding a group that is too fast for me.Hepolenkki 007As part of the training I try to ride one fast short group ride a week. Local cycling club HePo arranges about 35km group ride every Wednesday and it is a  perfect opportunity to up the ante. If all goes as planned I should be able to keep up with the group by the end of the month. This far I’ve been dropped twice and ended with average speed around the 35km/h mark both times. Sharp accents up the hills and sudden changes in pace have been the biggest challenge for me, but I have had to fight just to keep up on a non-technical descents. Anyways I hope this kind of interval training will harden me up and I will be able to keep up in a bigger group.Hepolenkki 009



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