Into the wild

There is something really quintessentially scandinavian about spending the mid-summer solstice hidden as far in the woods as possible. To make the transition from office drone to a child of the nature more tangible I made part of the trip by bike. Shortcuts through gritty gravel roads and riding in the rain have a wonderful cleansing effect on your soul. When you finally warm up your toes in the sauna you feel like a born again man.

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Finland is the land of thousand lakes so to document the road trip I tried to take a picture anytime I rode over a bridge. Sometimes judging from the number of lakes and rivers in my pictures it feels like I might enjoy paddling or rowing more than cycling. I have given it some thought, but I don’t think I’m ready to give up cycling quite yet.  However I think I might put these longer rides on hold and concentrate on shorter more intensive rides.


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