Cycling super weekend

Rest of the family headed out to a remote light house so I was left home alone for the weekend. Instead of spending the time worrying I spent the whole weekend fully submerged in the local cycling subculture. Saturday I rode the 10th annual Hki-Porvoo-Hki ride and then on Sunday I sold some of the excess gear in a community swap-meet. Weather was pretty spectacular, but I liked the atmosphere most. It was great meeting new people and touching base with familiar faces.

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One of the key take-aways from this weekend was that we have an excellent vibrant “underground” cycling scene here in Helsinki. Much of the buzz is down to just a few active individuals that have been at it for years now. I have lot of respect for these guys and girls organizing events and producing small runs of shirts/caps/etc. I guess you could compare this underground volunteer work to running a cycling club, but without the stuck up, competition charged atmosphere.  As a relevant new-comer attending to these freebie events I feel little bit guilty, but I console myself with the thought that each community also needs participants and at least I write about my experiences.


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