Gravelgrinding Friday

Gravelgrinding Friday I found myself home alone Friday evening. Instead of going to sauna and drinking beer or two I decided to go ride. I headed out following my favourite paths to beltway three, but then made a turn west for reitti 2000. I have always wanted to check out if it is possible to ride to Keimola through the forests. Evidently it is, but it sure was lot of work at least riding fixed.

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The thing is the reitti 2000 path acts as a ski route during the winter so even though the road surface wasn’t impossibly muddy it was still was pretty darn sticky. The sharp lung-bursting hills mess with your rhythm and the area feels pretty isolated so you just do not want to get stuck or have mechanical there. At shadowy places there was still some ice on the road, but the last bit was the worst. Off-road vehicles had ruined the path along the golf course so all of sudden the path was like full on cyclo-cross course.

I survived in good spirits and continued towards Klaukkala on tarmac. I even ended up improving my best effort on the Toivola hill. Right when I was ready to call it a nigh I was invited by my local guide to join me on an excursion towards Nurmijärvi. Apparently there are these two gravel roads that go around the former lake bed. We rode the pretty awesome Kirkkotie to the end, but I was already pretty knackered so I stopped at every possible vantage point to take photos.

As the night was closing we came back on tarmac. Heading home my feet were freezing and I was close to bonking. Evidently I was loosing my sight as well as I would have managed to miss two deer sightings. Luckily my companion helped drag me through the worst. Two granolabars helped perk me up so I managed the last 10km home solo in the dark.

When finally made it home it was clear I suffering from hypothermia. It took me best part of the night to get warm even with several extra layers on. This 68km late evening ride puts the 320km Vättern night route in perspective. I must find ways to stay warm, hydrated and energized plus keep in the pack if I want to survive.


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