Spring riding

On Saturday I took the FM015 on its first outing this year. The classic ride around Lake Bodom went pretty smoothly. I need to play with front derailleur settings some more, but otherwise the bike felt great. Riding the Velskola hill some dude passed me flying. It is pretty obvious I’m not in a great shape yet.

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On Sunday I rode a shorter, but harder route fixed. After the humiliation the day before I was in a mood to punish myself a bit so I rode a new personal record on the Paloheinä hill. I also found some new gravel roads near River Vantaa I had never ventured onto before. Again the sun was shining. Spring is by far the best season for cycling.

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2 thoughts on “Spring riding

  1. If you like gravel grinding, follow the river Vantaa as far as Vantaankoski, then take the normal cycle paths up to Kivistö, then out north of there, east of the motorway there are quite a few quiet gravel roads. It’s nice riding going up towards Palojoki – that whole are sort of NW and North of the airport.

  2. I’ve never really ventured that far, but maybe I should. It seems modern tires hold up pretty well so you only need to worry about bonking. Ahoniityntie is one road that has beckoned me. I wonder if you could take a route 2000 to Vestra and come back on the east side of the Hämeenlinnantie.

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