Season postponed

After couple of weeks of nice weather the wicked witch of the north laid some snow on the ground and the weak at heart cyclists like me had to go back to hibernation. The good thing is this time-out has been given me some time to tinker with things. Most importantly I changed the front derailleur cable on the FM015.


SRAM Force front derailleur installation is quite perplexing. I looked at plenty of guides online, but none mentioned the key ingredient for proper cable tension. In the end the I finally figured out you need to start with low stop in lowest mode in addition to having the cable tensioner in its lowest position. Shifting still isn’t perfect so I need to fiddle with it some more.

Since there is still some work to do I ended up going riding with my trusty vintage steel Bianchi when the weather turned for the better over the weekend. I’ve never been a fan of aluminium bikes, but I really appreciate the feeling of a well made vintage steel frame. Funny thing is that once you get used to friction shifting it becomes second nature. So much so that you start searching for the lever on the down tube even if you’re riding a more modern bike. The same applies vice versa of course. You tend to touch those brake levers time to time just to check they are there.

Anyways the weather was pretty awesome Saturday and I even made a pilgrimage to Hong Fu brick and mortar establishment.

Hong Fu store?


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