Season kick-off 2014


I spent the best part of February sick and ended up doing very little training. Fortunately March has been much better. I haven’t been sick and the weather is really warm considering it still could be full blown winter in Finland. The recreational paths in the woods are still icy and I really fell hard on my back MTBing two weeks ago. On the tarmac the conditions are excellent for training. You just need some #5 to deal with the headwind and cold toes.


Being able to start training early is good news considering I have bought more bikes (eg. the vintage Bianchi in the pics) and the Vättern Rundan start is just 93 days away. For Vättern it seems I will be joining TUT group, at least for travel arrangements. On other news I took part in the L’eroica lottery and I would now have a chance to sign up for the event in autumn. So this could end up as my “international” season.



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