Goals for season 2014

Year 2013 was a good cycling year. I did plenty of commuting, participated in several fun cycling events, upped my game on group rides and even managed to do some mountain biking. Getting to work required some effort in the mornings, but riding with my son to kindergarden was ace. Yksivaihde community organized bike part jumbles and got me to do some picture hunting (“kuvarastit”). I did some group rides with HePo, but I was happiest about weekly Kampisolmu rides becoming a common phenomenon.

Next season I would like to keep progressing. That basically means I would need to get some competing experience. I’m not expecting being a contender, but getting on the line at a VPCX/HELCX event, criterium, maybe even a Bianchi cup race or similar would be nice. I don’t even mind if I finish last or do not finish (DNF) at all so the only goal is to not chicken out. On the other sportive front I hope I finish Vättern Rundan under 12 hours and can keep in the main group (34-35km/h) at TdH.

To reach the goals I think I will need to train quite a bit to lose more fat. I reckon I should get about 20h of roller training in before the training starts in April. That would be in addition to weekly bouldering session and floorball practice. During the summer I hope I could sneak in hourly equivalent of 5000km of road riding (~200h). I know it is a lot, but I have kept succeeding in my plans so maybe it is time to get little unrealistic for a change. In the end the biggest win for me would be if my son learns to ride without training wheels.


5 thoughts on “Goals for season 2014

  1. My son learned to ride his bike solo today. I’m one happy camper and looking forward to many cycling experiences together. The only goal that mattered has been accomplished. If I manage to succeed in any of the rest it will just be an added bonus.

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