Shopping season

It is that time of the year when most cycling buffs start thinking of upgrades and new projects. I’ve been pretty happy with the chinese carbon racer so it will stay as is for one more season (at least if the barrel adjuster issue can be fixed). I have two vintage racers (Bianchi Mondiale and Olmo Competition) I’m working on, but I already bought some SRAM Omnium cranks and s900 brake levers for a fixie build. I would really like a chinese carbon track frame, but the “killer whale” design (FM126) just does not appeal to me. We will see what comes of this. I might go for a second hand Cinelli, Low or Look if something pops up, but custom Mielec build also intrigues me. Let’s see what Santa brings.


3 thoughts on “Shopping season

  1. I’m also interested in power meters. It is always fun to have new gizmos and trying them out motivates me to ride more. The product I’m most interested in (Stages) is unfortunately not available to EU at the moment.

  2. Apparently EU is served by a different Stages webshop, but 700€ is bit steep. Same problem with some of the most potential track frames (eg. Tokyo Fixed Ono) as I missed a more reasonable deal on Look frame at Evans sale. Everybody seems to be waiting for the Rapha sale to start…

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