MTB safari

Some friends invited Kampisolmu CC to ride part of the Reitti 2000 over the weekend. Most of the 50km loop from Luukki to Luukki is gravel roads or park paths. There is 10-15km of proper mountain biking which I did not necessarily enjoy all that much. Even though I had my full-sus I was falling over all the time. The muddy roots and sharp rocks are a snakebite waiting to happen. Also the terrain around Solvalla is quite undulating. I think I hadn’t really gotten rid off the flu so it was really tough going for me at times. Fortunately little later others started having trouble as well and the faster riders on 29ers waited for us. The sausages at Hynkänlampi and coffee break at Pirttimäki were a really good idea and perked us up a little. Amazingly there were no punctures or other major mechanicals and everybody made it back in one piece. Next time I need a smaller chain ring at the front and shorten the fork travel to properly attack the hills. MTB is nice for a change, but pretty relentless.


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