Season wrap 2013

Wintertime winds blow cold and freezen so it starts to be about time to wrap up the 2013 cycling season. I managed to fulfill most of my goals for 2013. I did the long Pirkka sportive and managed to ride over 3000km over the summer. My son’s napping time was still the preferred riding time, but I also did some shorter 30min interval training sessions inspired by local Strava segments. I think those short intensive spurts helped most in improving results in TdH by 20 minutes. I did not manage to do too much downhill riding as the new cross-country mountain bike fullfilled the offroading cravings. As far as carbon neutral goes  I think i did alright as I commuted well over 900km (Pirkka 320 km +Messilä 200km +Tammela 200 + Kalpalinna 180km).


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