Endless summer

Holidays are over, but there is still two months left in the Nordic road cycling season. I think I’ve done about 2000km this far. Most of it solo, but also couple Sunday outings with HePo and the Pirkka sportive of course. In addition we started a weekly 50km ride with few friends under the Kampisolmu CC moniker. I hope that becomes a tradition as a fixed timeslot is always easiest way to encourage to go out and ride. Hopefully we can end the season with weekend riding in Tammela area as well.Seutula

I’m preparing for my second TdH and aiming to improve from last year’s 32km/h group. I think top 500 finish would be feasible, but to succeed I need to improve on my speed endurance from the 28km/h training rides I have been doing all summer. I got a Garmin GPS recently and have initially tried to improve my efforts on a 3km tempo dash close by. Best effort yet is bit over 35km/h, but I can still change to slicker tires so I have still some play. 


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