Classic Helsinki Road Cycling Rides

Starting road cycling one of the things I times missed was the information about the best local bicycling routes. I thought I would do my part and put together a list of the most enjoyable leisure rides around the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Velskola road, 25km from city center

Since we are essentially surrounded by the sea there really are only four possible directions to take. The most pleasant routes have minimal number of traffic lights, beautiful scenery and reasonable amount of motorized traffic.

  • West: Around lake Vitträsk with optional climb up to Vhitträsk Villa
  • North-West: Around lake Bodom (~55km) with Velskola roller coaster and Skogby hill as an added penalty
  • North: Around the airport (~55km). You can add around lake Tuusula (+20km)
  • East: to Box road and around Nikkilä town

The routes start at beltway 1 so you need to navigate out of the city on your own. For the rest of the way I have put together some direction in the form of Garmin compatible .tcx files for you. You can also look up some segments on and link them up to create a suitable challenge for you. One thing to consider is that the wind is normally from the West or South so you may want to conserve energy at the beginning starting to the East or North.


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