Getting ready for Pirkan Pyöräily

Pirkan Lenkki, a 217km sportive in Tampere, Finland is next weekend. There is no timekeeping, but I have signed up for the 30km/h group (30A). The thing is I haven’t done all that many over 70km rides in preparation so I’m bit worried how my body will handle it. The shear length of the event (7-9 hours?) will require different kind of planning for eating and drinking than my typical rides.

Last weekend I participated in a group ride and finally got dropped after 80km or so. It was very hot, I have lost weight and I was still running the slow tyres (Marathon Plus), but I have to admit the last miles were not exactly confidence building. My battle plan is to try to stick to the group at least for the first 84km to Komi and then drop off to 28 group if it feels bad. The problem is if I also get dropped from the slower group I may need to ride the rest solo. Yikes!


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