To build a bike from a carbon frame kit you will need the following tools:

  • hack saw and sand paper to shorten fork
  • 5mm hex key/bit to install handlebar on stem
  • 6mm hex key/bit to install stem, saddle, brake calipers and brake levers
  • 12mm hex key/bit to install crankset (optional)
  • philips screw driver to adjust derailleurs
  • caliper tool
  • cable cutters to shorten the cable outers and inners
  • pliers to install cable ends
  • torque wrench 2-5Nm (optional, but recommended)
  • torque wrench 10-55Nm (optional)
  • chain tool
You will also probably need:
  • mineral spirits to remove excess carbon resin residue
  • grease to lubricate all moving parts
  • carbon friction gel to diminish the need for torque
  • aluminium paste to make sure BB does not weld in
I also found useful:
  • flash light
  • knife to remove excess paint

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