Cycling club house

During our cycling getaway weekend last fall while enjoying beverages the team wound up talking about a topic that seems to be a recurring theme in our discussions. Which ever way you approach it, the idea of building a proper man cave has its merits. Obviously there are some constraints like time and money, but the thought is just so intriguing that we should try to answer what would you do if those challenges did not exist.

Even in a perfect world you would probably still want to work and cycling would still be a fun hobby. You would still have a loving family and place to go home to. You would still tinker with your latest project in your own garage during the nights. Essentially you only need the clubhouse for bicycle storage, pre-ride tune up and post-ride cool down sessions. Nice macchiato, possibility for bib laundry and showers are optional if you get the most important thing right. That’s the atmosphere of course.

The right people is of course the key. Should the cycling club house of dreams be an exclusive establishment closed only to members and their guests like a country club? Or would a more open environment be more fun. Considering the limited amount of time a member typically would have time to spend in the club the only feasible alternative is to keep the club open to all interested. You need to have vivid exchange of ideas between like-minded people to  make it worth the effort.

The practicalities of arranging such a place are the hard bit. In many ways the key is location. You need to have enough cheap space for bicycle storage, but in the outskirts of a major metropolitan area. Easy access to nice roads and trails with variety of route options would be best. The bike storage itself needs to be well thought out so that they safe, but still accessible. In addition to a great socializing area there needs to be a place for a pre-ride tune-up and post-ride wash-up.


2 thoughts on “Cycling club house

  1. An air compressor would be a nice addition, can be picked up cheaply (under $100 US for one to go to 125 psi) and agreed, security would be an important issue (at least in the USA)

  2. What would you do with an air compressor? A good track pump will fill the wheels just fine, but I guess power tools could speed up wrenching little bit. I just don’t like noise.

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