Porvoo madness

The weekend before Mayday I participated in a group ride arranged by those crazy fixy kids. At times it seemed like total mayhem with people skidding against traffic. The tranquil beauty of country-side on the way to Sipoo was in stark contrast to the intense struggle of trying to make it up the cobble stone hill up to Porvoo church. Ending the day with 130km in the odometer felt good, but I don’t know how on earth I’m going to manage 200k next month.


2 thoughts on “Porvoo madness

    • Pirkka is supposed to be pretty hilly so I will be sure to take the charbon bike. Somebody in Yksivaihde just rode 200k audax on fixed and commented they will never do it again. I know they are of course just lying to themselves, but I don’t think I will need to try. Although I don’t see all that much difference between riding fixed and with gears. You are supposed to be spinning all the time anyway so if you just have suitable gear ratio you should be fine. On the other hand I don’t ride all that fast anyway.

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