1(0)-speed forever

It is a glorious sunny weekend so it was time to take the bikes out for a spin. Having done the indoor training on my fixed conversion I thought I would give it a go first. It seems the steel frame and 28mm tires are well-suited for this time of the year. I even tackled some killer hills and gravel, but 42/16 was more than enough. I was worried riding fixed in the countryside would be odd, but to be honest I think my Kuningaskulkuri is better suited for the open roads than the city. The zen of flying down low-gradient hills is pretty awesome.

The Chinese carbon bike has front mech adjustment issues so I just a had short ride to see the fit is otherwise ok. Having spent better part of the weekend riding fixed (100km) got me thinking. Companies are coming out with new 11-speed hubs and other silly stuff. Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t see the need for the two extra gears. Having had to fiddle with the derailleur again I can see the benefit of electronic shifting, but changing something that isn’t broken is plain stupid (and greedy).

So, I call on you to boycott 2×11 madness with me!


One thought on “1(0)-speed forever

  1. Word! I have had Campagnolo 8 and 9 speed and currently have two Campag 10 speed bikes. You cannot find a 10 speed straight block. 11-21 is the closest commonly available (in USA), hell if I’m going to 11 speed. (11-23) Where I live, I never need leave the big ring as is, and rarely hit the 21 or the 11 for that matter.

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