Spring is here

The winter is still fighting back, but it seems slowly but surely spring will prevail. To be honest cycling has not been in the top of my mind during the long dark winter. For the same reason the number of monthly posts in this blog temporarily dropped. Of course I have kept doing some essential purchases (Rotor chainrings, shallow drop bar, couple of new vintage bikes, used xc full-sus frame etc.) preparing for the season, but I have only managed 100km on the rollers in addition to short commute rides with snow studs (fun!). Luckily the annual season starting Paris-Roubaix themed ride to Porvoo (~120km) was post-poned two weeks so at least I have some time to prepare. Watching the real thing really got me amped.


One thought on “Spring is here

  1. Ok,
    Managed to do another 50k on the rollers. Overall 150km with 27,5kph average during the winter isn’t much though. Hopefully the weather will turn nicer and I can test out the legs during the weekend.

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