Training goals for 2013

Year 2012 starts to be done with. All in all the year went pretty much according to plans. I did my first 100-mile day, rode both the TdH and Giro sportives and managed to do well over 2500km of cycling. It is time to set some new goals for the new year of 2013. I’m hoping to cycle my first 200km in one go at the Pirkan Pyöräily event in beginning of June. I thought I would ride the Vuelta Vantaa sportive at the end of July. Training miles wise I don’t have goals, but 1500km would be nice. I prefer quality over quantity.

Time consumption is a big problem for a family man. This far I have managed to ride during my son’s daily nap. I have usually left when he has fallen asleep and managed to get back by the time he is ready to go outside again. As he has gotten older he may not need daytime naps anymore so I might need to find alternative solution next season. Earlier I rode in the evening all into night so I will see if that would work out. Also I will try to up the ante and increase my average speeds to get more miles in.

I built a downhill (DH) mountain bike for myself last summer and I hope I have a chance to ride it some. The problem is all the decent ski center’s are at least 100km away from Helsinki. I thought I would motivate myself to ride to work by committing to a carbon neutral downhill (DH) riding. 15km a day, 4 days a week means that I would get to go ride about once a month in Messilä or Kalpalinna. Otherwise I might have to sell the bike. At least I will try to stay safe and not ruin the season on the road. Let’s see how it all turns out.


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