Nearshore offerings

To be honest exceptional value for money is the main reason I have been excited about chinese carbon frames. Now in addition to these offshore offerings there are some economical nearshore alternatives. Apparently there are couple of polish frame builders that are really pushing the envelope as far as the pricing goes for aluminium or steel frames. The added benefit is that you have the opportunity to have a custom frame built for the same cost. Gromada has been around for a while and have made a mark for themselves building steel frames. The most recent entrant to the market Mielec is challenging the cheap alloy track frames produced in Taiwan with custom geometries in the same price range. Considering Visps have been the default choice for the fixie scene this is really cool news. For a more highend offering you could consider a titanium frame made in Russia by Triton. The prices are right so the only thing missing is a carbon frame builder providing custom designs.


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