Is this what you want to pay for?

Sure the brand name bikes look nice, but you may wonder what added value snazzy graphics actually create. The whole stealth look may have gone out of fashion, but I don’t still see why hours should be spent spraying and re-spraying the frame. The bike is supposed to get trashed about once it gets out of the showroom.

To me bike has always essentially been a tool. Simple design principles like form follows function have always appealed to me. I don’t understand why anybody would like to pay extra to finance a lame James Bond knock-off . Some marketing videos may have been meant to be humorous, but they only make me laugh as I pass the idiots that have actually bought Cipollini or Aston Martin bicycles (Insert your favourite brand here).

Sure, the leading brands do you put lot of effort into developing and improving sophisticated engineering technologies. The sad thing is these days as technology has plateaued more often than not the tools and new production processes are not really adding any value. New gimmicks are developed mainly for marketing purposes. Distinguishing the brand from competition is the only reason for coming up with the new three or four letter acronyms.


2 thoughts on “Is this what you want to pay for?

  1. excellent video cheers for sharing, paintwork is awesome but i agree id be mortified if it ever got scratched simple pearl white for me

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