2012 season in retrospect

While there may still be some sunny days left I think it is a good point in time to look back at the cycling season. My official goals for the season were to ride 1500km (2250), participate in two sportives (Giro and Tour) and ride solo 220km trip from Tampere to Karstula. I managed to reach two out of three so I really can’t complain. The third goal had to be cancelled due to unseen circumstances so I have an excuse.

Overall I just have to be really happy how the season turned out. The bike worked well and I had no physical injuries. I participated in several club rides and speed-wise progressed tremendously. Finishing TdH sportive under 4,5 hours was a major step forward. I’m also close to my secret fantasy goals and if weather is nice I may still be able to squeeze in some miles to reach them. Best of all there is still room for improvement next season

While the metrics are important for motivation in the end they are just numbers. Most importantly I witnessed many beautiful moments and sights. These glimpses of nature is what keeps me going out. I had close encounters with snakes, foxes and moose among other creatures. I have a wonderful tan on my face, legs and arms. I feel awesome and even other people have noticed I look well. So 2012 can be claimed a success and I’m already looking forward to season 2013.


3 thoughts on “2012 season in retrospect

  1. Weather was wonderful Friday so I left work little early to squeeze in some more mileage. I would love to ride some more, but 2420km will suffice and it is starting to get really chilly.

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