Season finale

The fall is drawing near. The days start to get indeterminately wet and cold. It gets dark early and sun will be covered by clouds all day anyway. You need a long-armed shirt to ride, but you can’t avoid the gloomy feeling you get. Summer is over. It is no wonder this is the time of the year my mind starts to wonder from cycling to other past times. Floorball season will be starting today and indoor climbing gym will also be open during weekends soon. Rollers are waiting quietly in the corner of the garage until spring.

However before I can call it quits for this year there is still the Tour de Helsinki sportive to attend to. The preparations include fine tuning the shifting, tightening everything and wiping the chain clean. I have also done some faster short rides (eg. 10km in 32km/h ) to prepare, but I’m not sure what group i will be joining yet. The main goal would be to finish in one piece without crashes. If all goes well I would like to finish under five hours and muster some energy for a cool-down ride post-event to finish my first 100 mile day. We’ll see.


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