Almost like cheating

Today I went for a short “two hour” ride. This was the first time I really had a chance to see what difference the new wheels would make. I have to say it almost feels like riding a totally new bike. It is amazing what difference a simple thing like switching to a 2mm smaller diameter can make. The weather was windy, but it felt like the bike was flying almost all the time. Back home the average speed was almost 2km/h faster than what I had usually before. That is quite good since I tackled both the Rinnekoti and Velskola hills during the outing. At the end of the ride I bumbed into a former colleague who has been into endurance sports (orienteering, cycling, etc) for as long as I have known him. I tend to do most of riding alone or with strangers so it was really nice to ride with a familiar face for a change. So here is a shout out to Pasi K. if you happen to read this.


4 thoughts on “Almost like cheating

  1. Well, I guess I was cheating at least a little. I forgot to adjust the tire size in my speedometer so that would account for some of the rise in the average speed.

    • I did the math and I think there was another mistake also. In the beginning of the season I reset the speedometer and the default tire size of 20mm was set instead of the 25mm I was actually using. So in essence I have cycled 57km more with almost 1km/h faster average speed than I have thought. The 23mm is still quite a bit faster and what is more important it is easier to spin instead of mash so you don’t get tired so fast.

      • The real difference will have come from swapping from Marathon Plus’s which are ultimate commuting tyres, to GP4000’s which are racing tyres. The Marathons feel like riding through treacle in comparison.

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